Recovering From Addictions: Making It Easier

If you have ever been addicted to anything, then you know what it is like. The substance, object or event has a potency that pulls you to it no matter how much you resist it. You wonder how you ever resisted, or whether you ever should have, since it makes you feel wonderful. Intellectually, you know that the addiction is harming you and those around you because you are focusing all your energy in engaging in this addictive behaviour and/or hiding it from those who would stop you. It can be an addiction to drugs, alcohol, gambling, collecting things or food; addictive behaviour is ultimately harmful to us. So for a recovering addict, the temptation is that much stronger. How do you go through life normally while ignoring the siren call? Here are some ways in which you can make the process easier, but make sure you check with your doctors or counsellors before trying them.

Harmless Exposure under Supervision
Granted, any exposure is probably not completely harmless, however, there are certain levels of engagement which will be relatively harmless with regard to health and finances. For instance is your addiction was betting on the tracks, you can have limited exposure by going to see the races with a firm friend, or maybe by joining a horse syndicate.

You will still feel the rush and/or the disappointment, but the loss won’t be as crushing because it was an investment, and it can always pay off in the next races. Unlike bets however, you will have to do your homework because every horse syndicate wants to buy a good horse not a bad one, and there is ample chance you will be sold a nag. Again, consult with a friend and make the people around you aware that you are doing this so they can pull you out if things start to go downhill.

Remove Yourself from Harmful Influences
Addictions may have occurred in the beginning because it was within easy reach, or because there were people around you who had easy access to it and helped you get addicted. Something like drugs for instance is easy to obtain if you know who to talk to, check out online thoroughbred auctions. It is also a hard habit to kick if there are people around you still engaging in that kind of behaviour. The best way to help yourself recover and stick to a new way of life is to remove yourself completely from a toxic environment. Dissociate yourself from friends and neighbourhoods where drugs may be freely available. Eventually you will have to re-enter society and the temptations will be there, but initially it helps when you don’t have anything to tempt you.