Getting Rid Of Insects From Your Home

If you have recently identified an insect problem in your home such as a cockroach infestation or a rodent infestation, it is important not to panic and make an irrational decision. It is important for you to remember that although this animal might seem disgusting and ugly to you, it is still an animal that feel pain and has as much right to live on the planet as you do. It is understandable that you need to get rid of these insects from your home as soon as possible however, it is important that you take steps to do so in a humane and cruelty free way without resorting to cruel methods that cause many deaths.

The truth behind insecticides
A simple fact that many people do not know is that these insecticides and cockroach control in Blacktown sprays are made up of strong chemicals and we need to handle with lot of care

As an example, if you were to spray one of these commercially available cruel cockroach control sprays in your home to get rid of cockroaches, there is a very big risk of your dog, your cat or even your child licking it and dying as a result. However, you do not need to lick these insecticides to die or became very sick. All you need to do is inhale their fumes to cause much illness to your pet and your child.

Alternatively, there are many ways to get rid of these insects without harming them or your own family. As an example, if you have recently discovered an ant infestation, consider sprinkling a little red chilli powder, dried peppermint leaves or paprika at the entrances where the ants enter and you will find that your problems will be over in no time. Like this, there are many other natural ways of getting rid of most insects and for bigger animals like rodents, you will need to purchase a cruelty free trap that you can use to transport the animal to a different place where it can live out its life in peace without causing problems to humans.

For a cockroach infestation, you can use bay leaves which can be put in different places around your home to get rid of the cockroaches. Cockroaches detest the smell of bay leaves and having a home that smells like bay leaves is guaranteed to get rid of the insects in no time. For mosquitoes, you can spray your home with citronella oil to keep them away as they do not like the smell.