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Perhaps most one of the most uncommonly thought about object is that of the devices that siphon various solids, chemicals and liquids through their system. While most people pass them everyday, they appear to be rarely discussed or regarded in everyday life. It may be surprising to learn that there are many types of these devices with many different purposes. What may be even more surprising to learn is that even the ones that have the same purpose may be built incredibly differently.

Mine pumps are mechanical equipment that are used in the mining industry. There are many different type of industrial electrician at BSE Australia Pty Ltd and each type of device has a different job. The devices themselves may transport liquids or solids from one place to another, remove water, or collect gases in one area.  Some of the types of devices include slurry, borehole, submersible and air operated diaphragm. These devices are not unique to this industry alone, although all of the devices mentioned are used within this industry. They can be used outside it, however, in other areas of life.

The slurry device is most commonly found in this industry. It is generally made of iron as the materials that it siphons would otherwise erode it.  It used mostly for hazardous area electrical maintenance . This type of device is also found in the mineral industry.

While the slurry device focuses on compressing its interior, the intention of the borehole device is very different. Found in various fields, including remote areas, the borehole device is used to manage the water supply rather than to compress any chemicals.

Conversely, the other type of device called the submersible is used in everyday life and is quite a common device. Also referred to as as a storm water device, it is used to siphon both storm water, sewer water, food scraps and the like.

While these devices all so far have predominately revolved around excess waste and the removal of chemicals and other harmful material, the air operated diaphragm is quite unique comparatively. This one device is used in the mining field predominately, underground. It is used as an alternative to electricity in hazardous, flammable places in order to be safer.  Like the other devices of this nature, it too, moves chemicals but it also has the added job of removing water from the underground.

Even with the examples of the types of devices, the material and the way in which they have been configured may differ. There are many different alternatives to build this device which is impacted upon by the context of the devices placement. Those who are in the production field of these devices understand are aware of which materials should be used for which device and where these devices should be placed.