Features Of A Good ATS

Proper employee recruitment matters for the growth of a company. It also has a direct effect on the whole production process of the company. For example, think that a company needs to have a new accountant for their accounts department. However, if the recruitment process does not finish quite soon the work load of the department could become a burden to the current employees as they will have to complete the work of the still not recruited accountant too.

Therefore, if you want to get your recruitment process to move forward faster you have to get an ATS or hr software http://roubler.com/au/. But always see whether it has the following features before you make the purchase.


You should be able to trust the program. Now, you are buying this program with the hope and trust that it can complete the work load of the company better than the professionals working there. This means you are expecting the program to go through every CV and find the best candidates for the job. If the program will only go through several CVs and also only provide people who do not have the qualifications you are looking for that is not going to be good. Therefore, you have to be absolutely sure about the ATS you buy.


This ATS you buy should be as efficient as one of the good employee time attendance software. If the program takes weeks to sort through all the resumes and your professionals can finish the job manually faster than that, then there is no point in buying such a program. Therefore, check for efficiency. A good computer program will even find right candidates for performance management software in a single day or a couple of days based on the amount of resumes you have received.

Customizable to Your Need

The ATS you buy should be customizable to your need. You cannot have a system that was designed for a company which is completely different from yours. That is why normal ATS developers prepare a program which can be customized according to the specific needs of the companies using it.

Affordable Cost

The cost of the ATS should be affordable too. If you have to bear a cost more than you can bear at the moment, that will be a problem. But the best ATS creators try to provide their services at affordable prices.If you can see all of the above mentioned features in an ATS that is the one you should choose for your company use to get better results.