Basic First Aid Skills You Need To Know

The tendency to fall sick or get injured for some reason or the other is becoming rather common in the society we live today. Whether that is because of the practice of constantly looking down in to a screen even while crossing the road or simple being clumsy is a whole other debate on its own. However, being prepared and knowing what to do in urgent situations is your responsibility. So here are some basic first aid Melbourne skills you need to know to get about today’s accident prone society!

Heavy bleeding

If someone has hurt themselves so bad that they are bleeding endlessly, the first thing to do is to apply compression on the wound to stop the bleeding. While your hands might seem like the obvious thing that you could use in such a situation it isn’t the most effective. After some point the compression you are supposedly doing would become completely pointless. So instead use either a towel, jumper, blanket or even a t-shirt. Keep holding on to it until the paramedics get to them. Leaving them to bleed without compression is only going to make them lose a lot of blood leading to even a possible death. So this step is most important and you’ll come to learn much more of its importance through first aid refresher training!


In case someone collapses in front of you or stops breathing, the thing that you should be doing first is performing CPR procedure as a part of emergency response training until 999 experts get there. To perform CPR you need to start off by placing the heel of your hand on their chest and the other hand on top and interlocking it. Then start compressing 2-2.5 inches in to their chest. When doing so make sure that your shoulders are in line above your hands. You also need to keep repeating this at a rate of 100 to 120 times per minute. Performing rescue breaths at the rate of two breaths per 30 compressions too would help the patient.


If someone is choking they tend to hold on to their throat or chest while struggling to breathe. So they wouldn’t necessarily be able to tell you what’s wrong but you need to be attentive and act on your feet as soon as possible. Stand behind them while bending them forward and giving them five blows between shoulder blades to try to remove whatever that is choking them up. However, if that doesn’t necessarily work out, you can try holding them from the back with your arms wrapped around their stomach and pulling upwards and inwards with your arms. The pressure from this helps in forcing out whatever that’s stuck. So in case you encounter some of these situations, now you know what to do!

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