Taking Care Of Decorative Tiles

Decorative tiles are one of the most important parts of any house’s interior. They usually last for one to two decades. With proper care and maintenance, their life can be extended to another five to six years. There are instances of decorative tiles Melbourne lasting for up to fifteen and even twenty years. The record for the longest lasting tiles is twenty years. It is very easy to take care of tiles. Doing so helps keep them in optimal shape. Well maintained tiles do not only look good but also last longer and serve their purpose in a better way. Well maintained tiles look shiny and are nicer to touch. They are also less of an injury hazard when they are washed properly.

Decorative tiles are most commonly used indoors for the interior of the house. They can create an overall colour scheme for the house. The most common colour scheme is white and off-white. Beige is a closet second and gives a vintage look. Decorative tiles can have more than one colour and the designs can vary too. Either all the tiles are of the same colour or some tiles are of slightly varying colours to create a changing gradient. Sometimes tiles of very different colours are pasted together to give a contrasting look. Often dark and light tiles are used together to create a contrasting look.

The most commonly used colours that go together are either black and white or brown and white. Blue and white is a close second. In recent times , green and white has risen in popularity. The type of decorative tiles used also depends on the purpose of the residence. The same tiles can not be used for every building. For example, green tiles might be more suited for a bachelors quarter while blue tiles might be more appropriate for a dwelling that houses a family. Ultimately, the choose is up to the homeowners and it comes down to their preference.

The most common protective measure used to enhance the life of decorative tiles is coating then with a sealant. The sealant used keeps the water out and helps save the tiles from moisture. The sealant is usually a transparent shiny material that covers the pores of the tiles. Commonly used sealants include glue, resin and oils. Waxes have recently been used as effective alternatives and they do a good job of keeping water out of tiles. Both synthetic and natural waxes are effective when used as sealing materials.

Another precautionary measure used to safeguard decorative tiles is polishing them. Polishing them keeps the surface of the tiles clean and keeps the acids off them. Keeping contaminants and acids off tiles helps reduce the wear and tear caused by them. As a result z the deterioration is slowed down.

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