Catering Trailers For A Wedding & Advantages Of A Wedding Buffet

Here are the advantages of catering trailers for organised events like a wedding.


Your wedding day is your big day and the wedding buffet should reflect your tastes and style and a catering trailer can be a great way of doing this.

Most weddings cater for the fancy three course meal with lavish sauces and foams on the side that mean absolutely nothing to a lot of people, so if what you want is a meal at your wedding which reflects you, like a wedding buffet served out of a motorised kitchen, then catering trailers are a great idea.

Not too many people can say they had a wedding buffet, and not too many more can say it was served out of a motorised van at the same time.


Wedding buffets, and in turn catering vans, make the wedding very sociable because people are mixing with others whilst they are waiting for their food and are not just sat at one table for a whole hour.

Low Risk

Everyone loves a buffet so why wouldn’t they love a wedding buffet?

The answer is most people obviously would so the risk that the catering is a bomb would be very low indeed.

But when it comes to catering a wedding the stress really can go through the roof. There are so many options and people to cater for that it seems like your own wedding is suffocating you! There is one option that you can go with that should makeeveryone happy and that is a wedding buffet.


Well here are the benefits of a buffet for a wedding.


With the potential forhundreds of people to be in one room at once choosing food that everyone is going to like at a wedding is like finding a needle in a haystack because everyone is different.

Because of this you need a lot of food variety at your wedding and a wedding buffet is brilliant for variety. Just like any other buffet a wedding buffet is a mixture of five, ten or even more different foods which means that everyone should have something to eat which they enjoy. Click here for more information about major events catering. 

Cost Effective

Wedding buffets are a lot more cost effective in many cases because the food is cheaper and there is no need for waiters and waitresses to staff the buffet. The great thing about a wedding buffet is that everyone serves themselves!

You Choose

A wedding buffet means that the guests get to choose what they want to eat – after all it is mainly the guest at a wedding that do a lot of the eating!